Version 1.2 (release date: April 21st, 2020)

(v1.2 - 32MB - Win 7,8,10)

1.2 release notes

[team db]
- finalized team database for 19/20 season (winter transfers & bug fixes completed!!)

- online auto updater (team db, launcher & executable)
- improved database browser (search & compare)

- new pitches incl. stadium shadows (by W. Carling)

- minor bug fixes

1.1 release notes

[team db]
- updated team database (winter transfers & bug fixes)
- database browser included
- auto-updater of team data

- pixel scalers & OpenGL CRT shaders
- HD menu background image
- auto-selecting background image by game style selection
- new screen resolutions for widescreen mode
- option for hiding darken banner to show the score result
- supporting 2nd or 3rd monitor
- pitch selection (official 2020, new grass 2020 and new retro HD)

- title music according to selected game style (Amiga/PC DOS)
- new atmospheric SFX

- fixed incorrect team uniform sprites
- fixed camera bug of penalty shootouts for widescreen mode
- fixed DIY cup away goal rule bug

- added option for scaling of launcher window size
- arranged user interface of launcher (general and advanced tab)
- added web link icons
- updated credits

(version1.0... TOTAL PACK 1.2 WILL BE AVAILABLE AT A LATER TIME!!!, 500MB - Win7,8,10)
[Total Pack 1.01] - Fixed `Total Pack not started on certain Windows` - Fixed bug of sound option in launcher sreen - Fixed bug of `Enable Custom SFX' option in sound menu - Added some missing *.256 files (Two intro images) - Changed 96/97 to 20/20 logo in the intro image - Fixed Serbian commentary info (Author: Gravedigger-Sydney) - Added Gravedigger-Sydney to credits - Changed name of Italian commentary to Bruno Pizzul - Fixed Bruno Pizzul commentary info (Author: Adrian Venditez) - Updated Bruno Pizzul commentary (.mp3 files) - Added Adrian Venditez to credits - Fixed .mp3 and .wav preview audio bug of commentary - Added Anoxic (Author of AG-SWSEdt) to credits (Data structure identification of leagues and cups) - Added 'This software is freeware.' text to about window in game launcher


AMIGA v1.2

(2MB - Amiga 600/1200 +4MB fastram)